Map of King Arthur’s Lindinis (Somerset) Kingdom

This map is great – except that, the Google I can use obviously takes the line representing KingArthur’s Lindinis kingdom’s boundary along today’s roads rather than along hilltops where in reality it must have been. Also, accuracy is limited by the number of reference points I can use. In particular, the line from Beaminster (marked M on the map) to Iwerne Minster (marked N) should be along the N Dorset Downs watershed, not dipping southwards to Dorchester.


One comment on “Map of King Arthur’s Lindinis (Somerset) Kingdom

  1. Sam Wenger says:

    Excellent. When I travelled like Joseph of Arimathea (actually Sam of Woodstock New York) to the Summer country in 1977 I knew Arthur was here. I loved Taunton and fell over from something called “Scrumpy?” Now since 1977 I own a Arthurian book shop Three Geese In Flight books For 30 years I have worked on a epic about a Arthurian colony in the western hemisphere based on John dee. By the way I think each part of Britain and every Celt can claim him. I think he was born in Cornwall ruled the west country had famly in south and north wales and fought with the Votadini and founded Scotland by bringing in Irish to form Dalriada as a buffer against Picts. Everypart of Britain named a son after the leader of battles.
    . Great stuff
    Samuel Wenger

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